Specialty Coverage

Professional Liability

Professional service providers such as technical, design services or consultation services, may face legal exposures not typically covered under the Commercial General Liability policy. With over 20 years of experience, the Sterling Insurance client base includes Accountants, Lawyers, Administrators, Architects and Engineers, Information-Technology Professionals, Advisors and Consultants. We have a depth of experience providing specific policies to afford coverage for alleged negligence in a range of professional services.

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

In commercial law suits, Directors and Officers of a company may face exposures that can effect them personally. Our Executive Liability and Indemnification provides coverage for directors and Officers (and the company to the extent it indemnifies the Directors and Officers) for defense costs within the policy limits. Additionally, Executive Liability and Indemnification may cover settlements and judgments on account of claims by shareholders, employees, creditors, customers, competitors, regulators and other third parties for a broad range of allegations.

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